Sarah-Marie started crafting this beautiful vessel in January of 2004. Artistic Business Consulting took form when our captain was researching on land in Calgary, Alberta and sailing at sea in Victoria, BC. She continues to do voyages in both regions.

Our Captain is known for her precise attention to detail, when marketing a project or business; the presentation of people, products, or services has become quite unique to Sarah-Marie and ABC.
Her natural ability to implement structure and see the soul of a business, product or service has allowed her to work with small business owners and artists in culinary, construction, fishing, floral design, transportation and wireless communications, just to name a few industries.

“Timing is everything” “Less is more” Sarah-Marie’s marketing systems derive from centuries old tradition but her philosophy is current.

"Do you ever wonder why some sayings live generations and others wither and die? I believe the ones that survive have truth and substance."

Let our captain show you how to set sail on a marketing tide that will weather the years and keep your voyage full of substance and truth.

Sarah-Marie is an accomplished writer & lyricist. She loves everything about the writing process. Here is one of her quotes:

“Equality does not drop out of the sky it has to be practiced What is relevant begins with attention on moment by moment for our future. Ground your individuality, rise up for the challenge day to day The comfort level you connect at, builds or breaks apart a whole Learning to communicate will transpire gratitude for life itself anywhere”

Her first book written is of poetry and can be purchased at www.mysecretspot.ca

When Sarah-Marie isn’t sailing the ABC, she enjoys her leisure time at the farm riding her horse Rock and frequenting a variety of local coffee shops, pubs & parks .



Our Captain